Who are we? Three sisters, each with our own interests and passions.

Els is already active in the world of organic food through her work. Since the birth of her daughter Victoria, she has been studying food intolerances and has been choosing more and more vegan products.
Mieke has been interested in healthy eating and a natural way of living for many years, and has now become active in the organic food industry.
Griet is our critical test person, ensuring that the products not only meet strict organic, eco or vegan standards, but are also tasty, efficient and user-friendly.

In our online shop, we want to offer a wide range of natural and healthy products. We dream of offering people with a natural, organic or vegan lifestyle all their favourite products in one place, so that they can make time for what really counts in life.

Welcome to our shop and let us know what you think!
Els, Mieke, Griet