The use of hydrolates is a growing trend in skin care. Hydrolates, also called flower water or plant water, not only nourish the skin but also saturate it with bioactive elements. They are gaining popularity in modern cosmetics due to their unique properties and natural origin.

But what exactly is a hydrolat?
A hydrolate is a concentrate of vitamins and minerals derived from a plant by distillation.

Hydrolaten huidverzorging

How is a hydrolat formed?



The vegetable raw materials are placed on a grid in the distillation room. Distilled water boils under the grid. Steam from the boiling water passes through the raw materials, rises and is collected in the condensation chamber. There, after cooling, it is separated into two parts: oil and water. The essential oils, which contain aromatic constituents, and the hydrolate, which contains a small amount of essential oil and other water-soluble substances from the plant.


What will it do for your skin?
Hydrolates contain another maximum of bioactive substances. This ensures effective and intensive skin care and makes the skin velvety soft. Hydrolates are suitable for all skin types.

Hydrolaten huidverzorging

Facial care with hydrolates
Natura Siberica's new face care range is made of hydrolates. This makes Natura Siberica the first company to develop an exclusive facial care collection made of organic hydrolates with Siberian herbs and plants. The face care is available for sensitive skin, mature skin and all skin types.
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