Everyone is talking about plastic soup and we are more and more aware of the impact plastic has on our environment.

Many have already taken the first steps and so I have always given my daughter Victoria an Ecolunch box and a Klean Kanteen water bottle. Simple first steps that are easy and also look nice. The next step was to replace as many plastic pots as possible with stainless steel or glass. Because of the wide choice of plastic-free jars, this was also done quite easily and quickly.

Plastic-free cotton buds were also easy to find, but I had no experience with zero waste personal care products and I didn't really know them. By visiting several trade fairs for the web shop, we got to know the Ben & Anna range and I immediately tested the Persian Lime deodorant. Just as efficient as a regular deodarant but with a 100% recycable packaging. We also discovered the Patch band-aids with bamboo fibres, which are completely compostable. The kids' version with the panda has already become Victoria's favourite band-aid. The band-aids feel soft and do not irritate.

And then we discovered the extensive Bambaw range made of bamboo and were instant fans. In the picture above you can see some recycling ideas for their bamboo toothbrush. The Bambaw bamboo straws are a hit in the family and look very nice. Personally, I want to take it one step further and switch to their washable pads that remove make-up as efficiently as disposable make-up pads.

Vegan floss made from PLA (maize) is another hit in the Bambaw range. When a man told us at the Veganaffairs exhibition in Bruges, Belgium that it was so difficult to find vegan floss, I stopped to think for the first time about the material it is made of. It is often silk.

You are starting to see more and more solid shampoo or conditioner soaps, but personally I am still too fond of Dr Konopka's and Wild Siberica products to replace them. We will soon have bars of soap in the range and also a "hair" soap (shampoo) from Speick. It is a 45 g bar, so it is easy to take with you when camping or to take with you on the plane as it is not liquid.

And we have other brands in mind. We recently discovered a bamboo brand that specialises in bamboo tissues, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, wet wipes, and so on. We also discovered a nice brand with rubber soothers, bath ducks, glass porridge bottles with rubber soothers ... So keep an eye on the zero waste section because it will expand.

Which steps have you already taken? For which products are you looking for a plastic-free or eco-friendly alternative? I would love to know how you are doing this, tips are always welcome!

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